Irresponsible dog owner

A friend of mine is moving back to HK. He has a golden retriver that he cannot bring along. Pat has taken care of the dog for a few weeks when he is on vacation. He asked whether Pat want to adopt the dog. It seems he didn’t have the poor dog in mind when he plan his move. His is leaving town in a month and he ask Pat with such a short notice. He keeps saying dropping the dog off to SPCA is the last option. How can a dog owner be like this? He always claim to be the dog is dad, but he choose to ditch the dog when it becomes a burden. Owning a dog require responsibility, people can’t just throw the dog away when they don’t like it anymore. Pat cannot take this poor dog since she already has two dogs in the house. She is very upset by the lack of responsibility of this dog owner. It seems she puts more effort in finding a home for the dog. If Pat didn’t ask, the dog owner doesn’t even bother to prepare an dog adoption to circulate among friends of friends. Maybe we should consider Anson’s suggestion. We have always talk about cooking Rocko to make a dog meat hot pot. Let us enjoy a big feast is better than letting Rocko faces his final fate in SPCA.

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