Finally, I am officially graduated from my master degree. I have submitted my thesis to the library, got the signatures and paper done. All I have to wait for is the degree shows up in my transcript, refund two months of tuition and the convocation. In order to graduate, I have to pay $48 to bound 3 copies of my thesis. One copy for the library, one copy for the department and one copy for myself. I guess I could have saved $16 to skip my own copy, but didn’t brother.

I have applied for the post-baccalaureate diploma starting in summer, so that I can continue taking the philosophy courses. Because my identity as a graduate student, my application status is somehow a bit confusing. I became the human ball boncing between the registration office, the philosophy department, the arts department, the undergrad admission office and graduate office. Each office points me to another office when I ask for my application status. At the end of the chain, I went back to where I begin in the undergrad admission office, and found out they had pointed me in the wrong direction in the first place. I cannot simply reactivate my account, I have to submit a late application with a letter of explaination. I simply retell my story of being bounced between the offices. Hopefully, things will sorted out soon and I can register the moral theory course in the summer.

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