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I found that most of the social events in the church are quite mundane. Take an example, the dance party I went tonight is one of the worst party I have seen. It is as chessy as a highschool prom, and worse the people ain’t fun. This observation get me to rethink about my theory that church is mainly a social gathering place. How can such a place always have bad social gatherings?

My solution is to refine my theory. Church is still a gathering place, but mostly gather people with interest in that particular religion. Just like ski club gather people like skiing, only that more people like going to church. Church is good in running religious events, such as sunday services, prayer meetings, spiritual programs. Usually those events are well responsed to the participatens come voluntary out of interest. However, people go to the other social events in the church not because they are interest in that event per se, they go merely to show their support to the church. Moreover, the church is not specialized in running those events. This can explain why church social events are usually sub par. It is just because they are not good at it. The principle of division of labour applies to any organization, including the church.

Now, what about those who go to church not for religious purpose? My theory still holds, but need some tuning. Just like you go to the French lesson just to meet that cute girl rather than learning French. You can still go to church to hang out your with girlfriend. Although you may not have high interest in church, at least you can’t reject or even hate going church. Force yourself joining to an interest group you hate just won’t work. Imagine, how can you win over that cute girl in French class if you have absolutely no interest in French? The only problem is, after you have archive certain minium requirement in the French class and the girl became your girlfriend, you don’t have the obligation to strive in learning French any more. In Church, some how people expect you to make it the life long highest priority hobby. Why can’t church just like one of those old hobbies one can enjoy from time to times with no commitment?

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  1. According to Horace’s engineering theories, the model of observation supports the hypothesis that he’s made about ‘church event is boring’ and ‘church is a perfect to meet with girls’. This is well-understood by Horace and is undefeatable using his ‘Stochastic model.’

    According to Pat’s psychological theories, the nature of perception comes into the picture that what it takes for an individual to dig deeper in the ‘unconscious’ (psychological terms) or ‘the heart’ (Catholic terms) for a greater understanding of humanity – about self, others, and the society.

    Church IS NOT a business organization. It doesn’t run perfect function of grand decorations, elite services for education/ pastoral + couseling care/… it doesn’t serve RICH people, but those who are the POOR on the outside but RICH inside.

    If one only takes the good thing out of the picture without taking the bad thing, it is an act of self-centeredness and life can’t be complete. Same as attending a church event, if one has been lucky and well-taken care for the entire ‘previous life’, it only takes this person to face challenges or death for the person to wake up and stop the perception of ‘serving self’ 24/7! Perhaps taking a tsunami to flood over a place would work?

    On the positive note, church is a perfect place for wedding. The couple come in front of God to form a convenant, in addition to signing a piece of civil contract of legal union between man and woman. The groom doesn’t have to be cutest guy on earth (although the bride is well-expected to the most beautiful girl on earth on that day) – it can be a man with a lame leg, walking free of supporting devices because a woman beside him walks with him side by side as One. It is also a beautiful picture!! If that illustrates better with the point stated in Paragraph #3.

    Fr. Mark, Fr. Guy, Fr. Pierre, Fr. Chu, Fr. O’Neill… can never live up the standard set by Horace, as he thinks Fr. Chui Kam Yiu is the greatest priest and yet he doesn’t listen to any of his homilies broadcast online (at least not that I’m aware of). Horace has a big bookself of religious books and all of them are popularly written, marketed by scholastically acclaimed publisher, ie. Karen Armstrong. Horace has read cover to cover of the Bible, with great apologetics books to study Protestantism. I wonder when he’ll ‘wake up’ and his knowledge can be well-used by talent given from above…

  2. I agree church is perfect place for wedding. I suspect it is planned subconciously by TVB to my innocent mind thru every wedding scenes in TV drama since “Shanghai Beach”.

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