I discontinued my cable TV service and only keeping the high speed internet in my new place. That would save cut my cable bills to half. I figured that even I subscribed to basic cable service, I rarely watch TV. I am not even interested in watching TV. For the programs I want to watch, I can download it off the web. In the matter of facts, I have more video files than I can finish already. Althought I cut the cable, I can still watch some odd channels here and there. It is probably due to there are gaps to the filter at the cable box in my apartment building. To my surprise, I can watch commedy channels for free. I think I got UPN14, a shopping channel and some uninteresting government channels. That should be more than enough for me if I just want to turn on the TV to generate some background noise. When I was at Shaw cable’s service center, I took a look at their service plan. The most expensive plan gives you over 100 channels. I wonder who would needs that many channels. Even somone watch TV 24×7, he still couldn’t get the worth out of all the hundred channels.

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