double black diamond

I took another level 5 ski lesson in Whistler today. The snow condition is really good, we have some new snow over last week. Too bad that they don’t have the $40 full day deal this week, I have to pay the edge card disccount of $52 for full day of lesson. Today I have a small accomplishment from the lesson. The instructor focused on mogul runs other than warming up. He took us down a double black diamond run, and I make it to the bottle without falling down. It is the first time I ever go down on a double black diamond run. It is interesting that once I did it, when I look at the slope again, I feel the slope is less steep. It is just the perception of I see the run. I am thinking of going to Whistler again next weekend, gota seize the chance to ski before the snow melts away.

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  1. Nice that you made it this weekend! It sounds like you had a good time on the mountain!
    hope you had a good time with my Seattle buddies! All those pals are cool guys (including u la..) and you should get well together!

    See if they’ll go up this weekend again!


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