The undergrad admission office screwed my application, the computer system showing I have applied to the computer science diploma instead of philosophy. I wonder how can they make such an obvious mistake. Maybe it is out of their expectation there is someone apply philosophy from engineering background. In order to fix the error, I made a trip to SFU today. There is a small exhibition about the holocaust in the convocation mall. This week is to memorize the millions Jews died under the Nazi in second world war. I spent a few minutes, walked thru the poster boards, briefly read the text and the photos. I have read about this piece of history and seen in movie many times. It is a no brainer to figure out why Hilter is evil to systmeically kill all the Jews in Europe. I have a few questions pops up in my mind while I in the exhibition, If Hilter wasn’t anti-semtic, and Nazi is merely a fascism but not racism govnerment, could German win the WWII? What is the merit of genocide? Wouldn’t overwrite their culture, force them to assimilate has more benefit? Is it more humane to give them an option to convert before killing them? Why don’t the Jews fight back? There are several million of Jews in Europe, only if 0.1% of them are sucide bombers like the Arabs, Nazi would be in big trouble. I don’t have the answers to these questions but they worth a deeper thought.

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