New boss

My old boss has finally transfered to a different role, moved to feasibility work from verification. I have been working with this boss since I joined PMC. Good or bad, I am already accustomed to his management style. I have now reported directly to the manager of the project instead of a verification leader. Althought I report to a manager directly, I am in fact under the supervisor of the senior engineer leading the project’s verification. Since the manager is quite abstrate from my daily work, as long as I don’t raise any big issues requires his action, all he knows is whether I meet the schedule. So technically speaking, the senior engineer is my new boss. I have been working with him in previous projects. Unlike my old boss who stuck in the same position forever, my new boss started the same level as I do in the company during the downturn, and promoted 2 level in just 2 years. I think he is on the fast track to be a leader in the next round of promotion and probably a manager in a few years. To be fair, he was a leader in his previous company before it went bust. His promostion is quite natural with his level of experience. Another major difference is my new boss is more technical compontent than my old boss. If I make some stupid technical judgement, at least there is someone to double check me work and able to convince me why I am wrong. My new boss seems a nice guy and easy to work with. He started the toastmaster at work, which I am a keen member. I hope I will get better luck with my own promotion under this boss. Everyone knows, if you boss doesn’t move up, you can’t move up.

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