Questions to the Prof

Tonight I have lots of questions in my philosophy classe. At one point, I have asked so much questions that the professor couldn’t handle some of my totally out of the box thinking and became so frustrated that he frightened to leave the classroom. Thanks to the eassy due in this class, I have to read ahead in the textbook about the philosopher the prof is teaching today. There are three options in the eassy assignment corresponds to three different philosophers. I feel like picking the one not yet covered in the lectures since it seems this his work is actually easiest to write. When I was reading the textbook, I am totally convinced by the thoughts of this philosopher, I couldn’t find anything wrong about his ideas. However, when the prof presenting the same idea in class, suddenly I see all the holes in his theory. In fact some of my insights are correct and the same questions are challenaged by later philosophers. I think when I am reading the text, my brain work 100% on absorbing the material. This is a CPU bounded process since my brain cannot keep up with my eyes. However when the same material is given in a presentation, it becomes a I/O bounded process and my brain has spare cycles to examinate the context. That’s why I can spot the problems in the theory and even have time to formulate the challenages. This technique can apply to toastmaster or presuasion. Your are goal is to feed your target audience at the right data rate so that they can fully understand your points but don’t have spare brain power to criticize them. Once the idea sinks into the brain for some time, there is a tendency for people to take it for granted. In another word, lower the guard of gate keeper of other people’s mind is very important when you want to convince someone.

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