Farewell to Rocko

Today after work, me and Pat brought Charlie to vist Rocko for one last time. Charlie and Rocko are both golden retrivers, they have spent many times together when either one of the family went to vacation as the other family will take care of both dogs. The owner of Rocko is moving back to HK for good and going to give Rocko away. Rocko is jumpy as usual, seems doesn’t aware of his change of fate lying ahead. It is very hard to make him calm down and take a good picture with both dogs looking at the camera. We walked the dogs to a near by off leash area, let them play with each other for a while then walked back home. Charlie is happy seeing his friend. Before we left, we gave the dogs an expensive dog cookies that looks like a slice of pizza. I doubt whether the dogs know how to appreciate the different between a $1.5 cookie and normal cookie. They seems don’t really care what is given to them and finish eating in no time. Maybe the premium charged of having a nice looking cookie is more for the amusement of the dog owner than for the dog.

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