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My new home is almost finish all the arrangment. I have bought some new furnitures and make the place pleasent to live. Pat has complained that my place lack a personal touch. She said it is too boring without colourful decoration and lack of personal style. I don’t want to argue with her but I think my new place has my own style and it is pretty good. I won’t object if she add things with her style to my place, just don’t make me change my style to suit her taste. I don’t understand why woman always complains man don’t have artistic style. Only gay man cares about artistic sytle. My style is totally pragamatic. In my ideal home, everything should be placed behind glass or inside a cabinet in a well organized maner. This way I can minimize the time I spent on dusting and able to locate all the things quickly. I don’t care much about the colours. It just happen to be plain colour stuffs are usually cheaper than colourful ones. Moreover, plain colour can never go wrong with each other, while mixing bright colour stuffs can look really bad unless you plan well ahead of time. I don’t think stylish decoration or furniture can truely reflect the owner’s taste, since the design work can simply be contracted out to the professionals. The only things in a home can truely tells the characters of a person is his bookshelf and his collection. These two things are not some one time job that can be done and forget, it takes time to build up the library and display case. Of course, I have to assume the person read the books he buys and treasure the items he collects. It would totally off if someone just buy books for decoration and collect items for investment.

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  1. Disclaimer: I thereby claim my statement to defendant, Horace Chan, that ‘personal style’ is not the same as ‘artistic style’. I said ‘artistic style’, and please don’t add the word ‘personal’ to personalize this statement into a potential human conflict and emotionally intensify or mislead the readers from the third party for the needs of self-satisfaction.

    Frustrated Pat

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