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I have came to the final stage of moving to a new place. The only thing left to make my home complete is take my toys out from the box and put them in the display cabinet. I used to have one display cabinat from Ikea and it ran out of space before I moved. So I bought a billy bookcase with glass door as my second cabinet from Ikea. The first criteria of a display cabinet is that it have to keep out the dust. It would be a lot of work to clean up the toys provided my place usually is very dusty. It took me almost a week to setup my first cabinet. I only unbox a few piece every day, since I would feel bored if doing too many boxes in one go. I have started setting up my second cabinet, done the upper two most shelf so far. The only items left are the Gundam fix and Hcm-pro series. One of my problem is decide which toy boxes to keep and which I can throw away. Putting back the toy into original boxes save lots of problem when moving, the only concern the boxes takes up lots of space. I have decided to put the unnused accessories of each toy into a seperate ziplock bag and then put the empty boxes in the locker downstairs to save space. With my new display cabinet, I think it has enough space for the growth of my toy collection for another two years.

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  1. What I find is that even if you put your display items in a cabinet with glass door, dust will still find its way there. If you have glass shelves, then you need to clean them often too. Dust is so evil. Lots of work to keep things clean.

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