Move cubicle

I just recived a move cubicle notice today where the move is tomorrow. They only give me 1 day notice to pack my stuff. It really throw my work schedule off since it pretty mcuh costs half a day to pack and another half a day to unpack. I prefer to have at least a week of notice so that I can plan my work accordingly. I have checked out my new cubicle. This is one of my primary concern. The new cubicle is closer to the rest of the project team and everyone in the verification group will sit in the same aile. The location is as good as my existing cubicle, the area is not too noise. The only obvious draw back is I am sitting far away from the team lead right now, so no one really knows when I come to work. After I have moved, I will be sitting right next to my boss, so I probably have to come in more on-time, say 10a.m. every day. In my company, there is an unwritten rule on seat arrangement. The boss gets the windows seat, then more junior you are, the closer to the aile exit. I am moving into the 2nd cubicle to the window. I think that is a good sign, or maybe I am just thinking too much.

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