Personal traits.

Today I spent all my morning unpacking the boxes in my new cubicle and setting it up. The new cubicle is located on the east side of the building and because of that I found the temperature is hotter than my old cubicle due to sun shine in the morning. One of the first thing I do is to look for the temperature control and make my side of the building cooler. Alison, whom I went to Waterloo with, walked by saw me fixing the temperature control and made a comment. She said this action is so remarkably Horace such that I am already changing the AC setting before settling in. In lunch time, we were talking about the new Audi A3 a colleague just bought. The A3 has a new gear box system, which has two gears instead of one, so the time between shifting is reduced. How the system is one set of gear controls odd gears, and the other set controls even gears. When the driver shift from 2nd gear to 3rd gear, the other gear already pre-fetch the 4th gear for the next shift. After hearding the explanation, I naturally pose a question on how the computer know which gear to pre-fetch. When the car is runnin gin 2nd gear, how does the system know whether the next shift will be 1st or 3rd gear. The others heard my questions, just assume I like to stress test anything I come across. Apparently, they never thought of this scenario. Sometimes I wonder, am I born too curious or have I been working in verification for too long?

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