This weekend I am taking CSIA level 1 again. I took it two years ago and failed. After two more years of practice and a lot more mileage, I think I am more prepared this time. Moreover, my instructor last week told me to give it a try. Althought, the CSIA course in Cypress is $150 more expensive than the one in Seymour, it really worth the money. In Seymour, we had only 1 instructor for 20 students. In Cypress, we have 3 instructors for 24 students and we rotate instructor every day so we get to see different teaching style. I have more attention from the instructor and better skill improvment in Cypress. I did pretty good yesterday, the instructor said my balance and stance is pretty good, he can see I have been taking lessons. Today I did not so good. Normally I only edge my shaped ski to turn so I am not good at privoting. That gets me a bit worry about whether I will able to pass. When I woke up yesterday and today, I have a feeling that maybe I don’t not really want to do it, I shouldn’t register after all. I think this feeling came from my fear about failing the course. Since a little kid, I am always good at exams. The CSIA course is probably the first exam I failed miserably. I guess unless I conquer it this time, I will always have a shadow in my mind.

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