B Class

A friend at work just bought a Mercedes B class yesterday. He did it on impulse buying although he has been shopping for a new car for a while. The B class is on sales until the end of the month and having a 20% discount. My first impression on the car is it doesn’t look like a Benz. It looks more like a Matrix to me. Although he has the Mercedes logo in the front, with very nice interia, I can’t help thinking is the B class a true Benz, or merely a Crysler with Benz logo. The special feature of the B class is the sun roof. Instead of one piece sun roof, it can fold up like window binds. This design looks really cool and gives a large sun roof surface. However I worry about the sealing will leak between each pieces of the sun roof. I can pretty sure this type of design can’t use in Winnipeg or Toronto. The plastic sealing would crack under the harsh winter of -40 degrees. To me, the B class is not a true Mercedes. It lacks the charms of traditional C, E or S class. I wonder will the B class actually dilute the brand of Mercedes Benz by lowering its image? Is it a sound business decision to gain short term profit on entry level cars by sacrficing the long term permium of the luxury lines? Only times can tell.

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