Another good news for me today. I just received the notice that my paper is accetped by the IWCMC conference. I have my first, probably the only, paper published. The paper is just a truncated version of my master thesis. Both of my supervisors are the co-author of the paper. I guess the more well known names on the paper, the easier it is to be accepted. I am surprise to see the reviewers’ comments difference alot. Some say my paper is yet another of the same kind, some say it make signification contribution, and some are in between say it make a small step. To take an average, my paper is good enough to be accepted. This conference is the annual IEEE conference for wireless and mobile communication. It happened to be in Vancouver this year, so I will have less trouble attending it. The next question I have to convince my boss PMC will pay for the conference. Since it is local and I have a paper published, I think it should not be a problem. I wonder how does those conference looks like, I never been to one myself.

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