Bank card

My old bank card, which I have used over 10 years, finally stop working. I went to a bank machine today, trying to withdraw cash, the ATM machine doesn’t recognize my card. The card looks pretty weather, the front has been piled off and the magnet tapes on the back has holes. I am amazed it still works for that long. Out of all the ATM machines I could go to, I choose the one at my home branch. This makes getting a new bank card a relatively easy task. I just want up to the teller, told her my old card is not working. Within a few minutes, all the accounts on my old card is transfered to the new card. I should get a new visa card too, since the magnetic tape at the bank suffers from the same problem too. Since it is expiring soon, I hope I could still use it until the new card arrive. Wouldn’t it be convinient if the magnetic tape on bank cards are more durable?

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