I won 649. Nope, not the jackpot, just merely $10, and have to divided up by three person. The story begins yesterday lunch when I went out with some friends from work. The 649 on wednesday has a $14 million jackpot, I bought one ticket and two of my friends chipped in and bought 2 tickets. We were mentioning 649 during lunch, and we realise none of us had checked the number. One of my friend suggest that we can pool in and combine all 3 tickets. It is human psychology to minimize the lost rather than maximize the gain. My firend’s logic is that he will feel very terrible if I won because the winning ticket is within his reach. I don’t see any reason object to his suggestion and agreed to share the tickets. As engineers, we think about all the scenarios in case we won. To provide the person with ticket flee away, we wrote down our names on each tickets. Although I trust they and myself won’t flee away, but it is logical to avoid any possible dispute. Their ticket won $10, and we decided to re-invest the money into the up coming 649 with $22 million jackpot. Today we were talking like we had already won $22 million and plan how to spend the money. One of the friend suggest we should buy nice houses next to each other, chip in a some money to set up a small bussiness, even share a yacht. That got me start thinking if I really won the jackpot, what will I do with the money. One thing for sure is I won’t be stupid enough to give half of the money to charity like people on TV. I see that the lottery money will substitude my income and free myself to work on a charity project that may change the world. Put it in religious context, giving out large sum of money to charity is irresponsible to the money God entrusted you. To maximize the outcome of the lottery money, work on charity as your back covered is probably the best solution, assuming you are better than an average charity worker.

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