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I have converted all my Yukie Nishimura CDs into mp3 format. I have every CDs Yukie Nishimura has released, 28 in total, from 1986 to 2005. It is a project I wanted to do for a long time. I don’t like playing play my original CDs since I afraid that will wear out the CDs. Normaly I burn a backup copy to use in car or anywhere. Ripping the CD into mp3 let me enjoy her music even more conviniently. If there is any Yukie Nishimura fans out there, please drop me an email. I am glad to burn you a DVD with all her music in mp3. I like to share good music with my friends. Moreover, some of her older CDs is next to impossible to find these days. It took me quite some effort to hunt for all the CDs. I have to order some of them directly from Japan. Here I have one delimma, when I inspecting my CDs, I found that 1 out of the 28 CDs is not an original Japanese version nor official HK version. It is a Taiwan unlicensed version. I can see the printing of the booklet is not as good as the others. The question is should I order the original copy of that CD from Japan, or I should be satisfy with the Taiwan version.

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  1. hi, i was searching “nishimura yukie” on the internet, and i found your blog about her songs! I’m currently looking for some light-hearted, easy-listening and beautiful piano music for a friend who will be getting married in mid-November as background music to play in the wedding banquet, and I thought of Nishimura Yukie’s piano music almost instantly.

    As I have none of her pieces on hand, I wondered if you could help me out some way or another.

    please email me if you think you might be able to help! Thanks!

  2. I would love to have a copy of her music if it isn’t too inconvenient for you. Please email me if possible. Also, I was wondering if you could tell me of the websites that you visited to order these cds as I would like to know of some reliable places to get music (I live in the States).

  3. Hi im a yukie fan, any chance of getting a copy of your DVD collection of Yukie? Thanks alot. 🙂

  4. Dear hevangel

    I would also like to have a copy of your Yukie’s MP3 collection. I will send you money for the shipment if necessary. Here is my mail a_sutaredja@yahoo.com.

    After listening to her latest album ‘best of the best’ ~20 songs~ i can’t believe what I’m hearing. I have never heard such emotion played on the piano on such arrangement by a Japanese pianist before. Even Western and European pianist can’t even match her on many parts. Please do make contact.

    NadaDua Audio.

  5. Yeap Yukie always takes me away on some journey when i listen to her songs.. its always in my car.. but i still need to get her other albums..

  6. Hi, it is great to know that Yukie has such a big fan. I have 12 of her CDs and you are right, a number of her earlier CDs are near impossible to get here in Singapore. It will be good if I can get the mp3 songs of those albums I do not have. Please email me: psyberlycoscom. Thanks.

  7. I have 7 of Yukie’s cds. I would like to complete my collection. Wanted to buy the 1992-1999 special collection but is in nowhere to be found. Please email me. Thanks!

  8. Hi, i was searching for Yukie Nishimura online & was directed to your blog…was wondering where to order 1 particular album of hers: “Virgin” coz i realli liked it very much… I would probably order online… But i would like to listen to the rest of her pieces as well… Would u able to send me the mp3s of your collection of her compositions? Pls email me at kimberliyves@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi there,

      Then what would you suggest to be a better solution? Would appreciate if you could reply to “kimberliyves@gmail.com” to continue the conversation thread. Thanks so much in advance!!! 🙂

  9. Hello Hevangel,

    Would you send me 2 Album in MP3 format of Yukie Nishimura ?
    It is “Virgin” and “Shiawaseno Katachi” (she is sitting on a chair).

    I have discovered her recently, I play piano
    and it is a pleasure to play her composition.
    I just love her, what a genius.

    I have music by Yiruma in MP3 format, if it is interesting for you I can send you, or Enya.

    Thank you
    Regards, Madeleine

  10. Dear Hevangel,

    I did not understood that my e=mail would not appear.
    Here is it : madeleinefr123@gmail.com

    Many thanks

    >>Would you send me 2 Album in MP3 format of Yukie >>Nishimura ?
    >>It is “Virgin” and “Shiawaseno Katachi” (she is >>sitting on a chair).

      1. Hello Hevangel,

        Would you write me any way to my “Madeleine” address so that we could continue the conversation.
        I could give you another address,
        but I would prefer not to write it on a public site.

        Thank you, regards, Madeleine

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