Fire alarm

This is the first time I have fire alarm since I had moved into my new place. I was waken up by the alarm suddenly while I was sleeping. It took me a while to realize what’s going on, and get changed quickly, grab the keys and start going down stairs. I semlt some burning smell once I get out of the door, so I know the alarm is for real. It took me quite some effort to walk down twenty floors, especially with sour legs from skiing yesterday. I can find at least one advantage of my old place, it’s at the 4th floor. When I finally got down to the ground floor, I saw the firemen are already here and put out the fire. It’s probably just some stupid person over cook his midnight snack. There are lots of chinese or asian faces living in the building, almost 70% of the people gathered in the front yard. Not long after I went down, the firemen turn off the alarm and let us go home. It is another long walk, and this time is even worse to walk up twenty floors. I have to stop a few times on the way up to catch my breath. While I was on my way down, I think about the worst case scenario what if my place really burnt down. I found that actually I don’t miss anything, except some personal data in my computer. Nothing is irreplacable, including the passport and the identifications. The good thing is I have backup my emails at gmail, so my contact is safe. The only thing I need to do is the database of my website. When I setup the my new linux box, I gota write some script to schedule regular backup.

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