Black run

Today I went to Whislter first time since I have became an instructor. We have a solid day of all black runs. I found that black runs is not as hard as I thought before, although it still quite tried coming down on a black run. The snow is really good this weekend, probably the most fun weekend this year. The runs at the side Harmony has lots of powder, and we can ski all the way down to the bottom. Since black runs consumes lots of energy, we call it the end of the day at around 2:45p.m., and ski down slowly. We left Whistler at 4:00p.m., came back to Vancouver before 6:00p.m. This is probably the last ski of the season, unless there is some more big snow dump next week. Tonight I went to the Easter virgil at CMCC. It is also Pat’s god daughter’s baptism as well. The virgil is really long, lasted almost 3 hours. I think I had slept though at least 2 hours. After the virgil, there was food and people chat with each other, I was so tired that I can merely stand there following Pat.

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