My little cousin decided to quit her job and study MBA. I guess she must shared the same smart gene running in the family because she got admitted by both York and HKUST. York suppose to be the number one business school in Canada, although I remember it used to be Western. She is going to Toronto at the end of this month to check out the new school, so she called me tonight to ask for some advice about living in Toronto. It would be quite an interesting experience for her since she had been living at home all the time. It is hard to imagine my little cousin will become a “she-boss” after graduate from her MBA. Somehow I always has the impress she is a little girl studying high school. My other cousin is getting marry this week. To be exact, just having the banquet, where she had registered last year. I was surprise her dad didn’t bother to tell my mom she is married. Oh well! Complicate family business. Since I am not that good with this cousin, I am happy to save the money spend on air ticket and gifts. I guess I am getting old, although I don’t want to admit that. My age is reflected indirectly by things happens to my younger cousins. This is the disadvantage of being the oldest cousin in the family.

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