Taize memory

Tonight I went to visit a church friend to have some sharing about Taize. Taize is the retreat in France I visited last year before going to World Youth Day in Germany. This friend is one of the pioneer to Taize in our church community and helped promoted this form of prayer meeting. He is interested in our experience, so he inivited over to his place to chat. I had filed those memory in my brain, so I have to digged up the archived experience and feeling. I don’t have much to share since that’s not my style. Actually I won’t mind visit there again, one week is fine, an additional totally silience week is ok too. The only problem is I have limited vacation days and there are more attractive places I want to visit. At least I know I do not repulsed visit Taize once again. One thing I found quite surprising is this friend is a dedicated fans of “Storm Riders”, a HK comic. He has lots of figures and miniature weapons from the comics, he still keep adding to his collection these days. It is interesting to see the human side of a very spiritual person, as least I think he is very spiritual. A faithful Catholic doesn’t have to be a boring person, he can have normal hobbies just normal people.

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