What is Blog?

Blogging has became a worldwide phenomena that many people think it will bring disruptive changes to the media industry. I adopt a more technical definition of blogging, which is nothing more than a (CMS) Content Management System regardless of the content. All blog follow the same basic format with articles displayed in reverse chronicle order. Recently, I just found out that my friends at work read my blog and another colleague’s blog to confirm gossips at work. The people likes to compare the two different version of truth between our blogs. I am quite surprise by this finding because I don’t talk about gossips in my blog that much. The purpose of my blog is to express my opinions, although sometimes I have to fill in the background information before making comments. Writing narrative postings to record what event had happened is not my style. The other blog owner seems quite annoyed by the nosiness of the crowd. I don’t really mind. All the materials posted here are public information already circulating in the cafeteria. It is human psychology to find confirmation to whatever one believes. I guess by reading the same facts they already heard of earlier during the day, the crowd find a sense of security in the recycled information. I just wonder, after read the facts, how many of them also give my opinions some thoughts? Last night, I talked to the blog owner saying it would be fun if both of us fabicate some facts. Determining from the reading pattern of the crowd, the fabicated fact could very likely passed on as real fact, and that’s how a rumour starts. Too bad that the other blog owner thinks tricking the crowd is not very nice and refuse to collude.

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