Garment bag

I have wanted a garment bag for travel for a long time. A garment bag is a special kind of luggage designed to carry a suit. Normal hand carry luggage is too small for a suit unless you don’t mind making it winkles. The full size luggage is overkill for short trips and requires check in, which is not very convenient. Not to mention the risk of luggage could be lost by the airline. I don’t travel with suit very often, since most of my trips pleasure in nature. This time I am going to attend a wedding of my university housemate, so I have to bring along my suit. It seems a waste to buy a new luggage just for this trip. The good thing about luggages is that they are very durable. I am still using the same luggage I have been using since high school. It is over 10 years. If I have to take some business trips in the future, the new garment bag is not a bad investment provided that I got it on sales for half price today.

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