Kendrick’s Wedding

Last weekend I went to the wedding my housemate when I was studying Waterloo. I cannot take vacations from work so I can only spend a weekend down there. I am glad to see many old friends and catch up with them.

UA flights
My flight down is not very smooth. My flight is delayed for two hours, due to the incoming flight from Chicago is delayed. The time I spent waiting in the airport is actually longer than the time I am flying in the air. I had booked my flight throught AC, I end up riding on a code shared UA flight. However around the same time, there is a AC flight going to SFO without any delay. I should have book that flight instead. Everything I fly with UA gives me a bad experience. Gota remember to book AC flight with 3 digits flight numbers next time, the 4 digits flight number are code shared rote.

Old friends’ talks
I arrive pretty late on Friday. Kendrick is really a good friend that he came out for a drink to chat with us even it’s very late at night. I havn’t seen Michael and Kendrick for a few years. They havn’t changed much. I have seen Leon last X’mas, so there is nothing special about him, just that he is as annoying as usual. Michael is part of the official wedding team, so he left early in the morning on Saturday. That left me and Leon going to the ceremony later by ourself. We met up with Yat Loong and Peter to have lunch, walked around Stanford then head to the church. I found that my conversations with my Waterloo friends are pretty much the same. Exchanges news about friends not here, complains about the work and life in general, chit-chat on technology or stock market trends. I feel I have middle age crisis, start losing direction and some of them agree with me. Unfortunate, none of us have any solutions except repeating the same talk again and again.

The wedding is held in the Stanford memorial chuch. I heard it is really expensive, costs over $1000 for just 2 hours of booking. Despites of the costs, it is still fully booked. There is another wedding before of Kendrick’s and one follow immediately. The church is really nice in American standard, with pretty colour windows, decorations and a hugh pipe organ. Leon hasn’t listend to organ before and took me a while to convince him the music doesn’t come from speakers. It is interested that something I have always taken for granted may seems totally alian to someone else. I guess it is not common for a person to listen to organ after all. It just happen that my primary school has one of the few organs in HK and later I associated with organ-loving Catholic church. I think Organ probably has the best sound among all musical instruments.

The ceremony is the shortest wedding ceremony I have seen, the whole thing is less than 45 minutes. The Stanford church has a priest hosting the ceremony, whom is a woman! It is the first time I see a woman priest in action. Although I am ok with woman priest theologically , I still feel it kinda weird having a woman standing in front of the alter. The homily is given by the priest of Kendrick’s chinese church. Luckily that priest is probably not very good in English, he keeps the homily fairly short. Like all other church ceremony, it has readings from the scripture. The way they choose the Bible reading is kinda odd. They pick one paragraphic from one book, then 2 lines from another book, and at last half a verse from a third book. I feel the pieces are awkwardly snitched together. I just can’t help wondering why they have to drop the second half of the verse. It raise a suspicious point of twisting the meaning of the teaching. After the ceremony, there is the photo taking section. Somehow all university friends from Waterloo and Stanford are grouped into the miscellaneous group under the heading friends of bride and groom. After taking the picture, we protest our group didn’t get its own group picture. So we just take over the stage, took the bride and groom as hostage, until the photographer take a picture for us.

The banquet is held in a local resturant later at night. According to my friends, it suppose to be one of the better one in the Bay Area. My conclusion, the chinese food in Bay Area can’t compare with those in Vancouver. The banquet itself is quite boring, probably it is because the night is ran by the newly wed’s church friends. The MC ignore on our request for make the bride and groom kiss and there is only prepared one game officially. The game could be fun but somehow they manage to water down it to the point of bordom. Our table is the non-church friends from Waterloo and Stanford, we came up with two standard, healthy games to cheer up the party. The MC is so relunctant to host the game, they told us either host it ourself or wait until the bride and groom come to our table during the toasting. Of course we gladly took over the stage and bring joys to everyone. During the toast, we fill a full glass of wine for the groom, but the groomsmen took it the glass claming he will drink it but didn’t. We let the groom go easily with just half a glass after the mom interfere. However, the groom couldn’t escape at the end. Our table is closest to the entrance and we took him hostage on his way back from the tiolet. The banquet ended quite early, so a few of us went home and chat more for a bit on the usual topics

Life in SJ
I didn’t sleep well and woke up early on Sunday morning. Michael just came back from driving Leon to the airport when I woke up. We decided to go out and have a nice breakfast. Unfortunately, everything is closed in Sunday morning in San Jose. Couldn’t find any dim sum, noodle plase or cafe open. We end up went to Denny’s. No only that resturants open late in San Jose, they close early. Starbucks close at 6p.m. in San Jose. No wonder everyone says San Jose has no life. I can understand Michael’s choice of fleeing back to Toronto. Making big money doesn’t always automatically translate into a high living quality.

Lasalle friends
I spent my time with my Lasalle friends in the afternoon. Lenny picked me and have a really relaxing afternoon at Derek’s place. We just sit in the living room and chat, again on the same old topics, while watching Derek’s daughter play. Lenny brings a friend along to join us. I am surprise that all three of us are regular readers of the Economists. I found it quite enjoyable talking to another fellow Economist reader. Since we share some background souce of knowledge. Once again confirmed the theory what ones read shapes ones mind. The afternoon passed by quickly and Lenny dropped me off at the airport to catch my flight

Small world
I met a new friend in the wedding who is also coming to the wedding from Vancouver. I met again him in the airport during check in, which is quite probable since everyone check in around the same time. What is really a coincident is I am sitting right next to him provided that I had booked my seat a few weeks ago. I was chatting with him on my flight back. He loves watching anime and collect toys too! Can’t imagine I can bump into another rare breed of my kind this way. We have exchanged contacts and I have made a new friend who share a common interest. Maybe both of us looks suspecious, we got pulled over by the custom to have a luggage check on our way out. Both of us flew down just for a weekend for the wedding, don’t have time to buy anything, the custom must be very disappointed that they couldn’t find anything except dirty clothes.

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  1. It’s interesting to see a woman priest… which I haven’t encountered one in real life yet~ – pat

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