Server needs upgrade

My linux server is reaching its end of life time. I have turned my trusty old P3-733 machine into my own web server. It was working fine for the past couple of years and I think it had reached its limit eventually. I was uploading the pictures from my San Jose trip to the web album and the server crashed twice due to the heavy workload in resizing the image. I can see the harddisk light flashing and heard the grinding sound of the harddisk. The server is crawling painfully when I try to open several pages with photos at the same time. The resource to serve text only pages is not as demanding to serve graphics intensive pages. It is also about time to upgrade my blog and forum software, they are a few revision behind. After I had finished write up my P.Eng application, I will start looking into getting a new server. Accepable performance with large harddrive is a must. I can probably get by with the most basic graphics card since it is not intended to be a game machine.

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