selling toys

Finally, after procastinated for over 2 months, I had posted some of my unwanted toys on eBay last week. The auctions end today, half of the items are sold. The macross toys are very popular, I am able to make a small profit on all of them. Even the broken one, but still minted in box, is sold at a price higher than I had expected. I have less luck with Gundam models. Probably models get out of fashion fast while diecast toys become classics. For the unsold models, I have to lower the price and relist the items again. Once again, I confirm the theory that the value of Bandai’s toys never go up. The problem with Bandai is the company tends to re-produce its toys every now and then, even on limited editions. People learn to wait for a re-issue rather than paying the hefted price. The price of toy is strictly governed by supply and demand. The question is which one is a better strategy for a toy company. Milk the last cent in the market by killing the second hand market or keep a healthy second hand market to create a premium band.

For those who are interested, here is a link to my auctions