Bus uncle

Lately, a video clip taken by a cell phone is very popular in HK. The clip is knowned as the “Bus Uncle”. It is about a middle age man swearing and scolding a young guy who asked him to lower his voice on phone on a bus. I have watched the clip a couple weeks ago. I don’t expect it become a phenomena in HK. Radio talk shows invited the young guy for interview. People on the net subtitle the clip with chinese and english, create posters cross over the “bus uncle” with popular movies, remix the lines from the clip with a rap song. Someone even make commercial products with bus uncle’s logo. Then, a number of cultural experts comments on this incident follows, and turn it into an academic research, desect the cause and impact of this incident until no rocks is left unturn. I have no interest in commenting this incident, or I would have done so the first time I see the clip. I just have one belief comments about the comments of this incident. No matter how nonsense the topic is, there is always ways to package it as serious issue worth understanding and capture the attention of millions people.

Orignal version

Sammi’s Remix version