I have wasted the whole afternoon watching clips on Youtube. I have been watching clips on this website for a few months, but never look at it seriously. The video clips I watched mostly are links posted to various forums. This website is popular for short and funny video clips. The recent “Bus Uncle” event became a news all over the world, even reported BBC, is mainly thanks to this website. The hit rate of that video clip ranked number 2 this month and generates attentions to the mainstream media. I browsed through the all time top 100 clips, many of them are really hilarious. The type of clips I like most are spoofs, which make fun famous TV shows or movies scenes. Youtube is the number one video website, leaving google video, iTune or Real far behind. Real really missed this golden oppertunity. They have the right technology and already in the game since the day. They just couldn’t get around to offer free to all video streaming service. Could Youtube successfully reach IPO, or would it be an acquisition target? The development is interesting to follow.