Primary schoolmate

Tonight I went out to have a drink with two old old friends. They are my primary schoolmates. One of them used to be my best buddy in primary school, although I havn’t keep in touch with him for a almost 5 years. He visited Vancouver for a few days after attending a wedding in SF. The other is a girl living in Vancouver. I was not that close to her in primary school. Actually, I don’t really know any girls back in primary school. We become more friend after I moved to Vancouver and through another friend visiting Vancouver quite often. I didn’t contact her a couple of years either. I guess I am just too lazy in keeping in touch with my friends if they don’t have ICQ or MSN. I am lazy in writing emails these days, just don’t what to write sometimes. It has been 17 years since we graduated from primary school, really a long time. We didn’t talk about many gold old days, since we don’t want to bored the guys’ girlfriend. We just chat like good friends on various topics, catching up with our recent life. Havn’t keep in touch actively for many years, I guess it will take a while to warm up our friendship to talk more hearty stuff. Maybe due to the girlfriend is tagging along, we won’t have any chance to talk about it.