Fifteen minutes of fame

In the age of internet, everyone can get 15 minutes of fame. If you dare to post your video to youtube. I was talking to Verona today, came up with this wonderful idea to get her famous, instantly. Our plan is to make a MTV, featuring her as the singer. The song in our mind is Denis Ho’s “Mimi and me”, which describe girls who drive mimi. We can use Lesile, Ivy and Verona’s mimi to make the music video. We can mimic some sence in Italian Jobs and we can use P0 parkade for most of the filming. I will be the director and I have came up with some ideas how to shot the video, like driving on the highway with the top open, wearing a big hat, big sunglass and scarf flying in the wind just like old French movies. Lesile will be our special effect expert since he is good at video software. Jackson will provide the filming equitment as well as make the mimis all shinny before shotting. I am sure the video will be more popular than the “bus uncle” clip in youtube. After Verona became famous, maybe some HK record company will sign her up as a singer just like kellyjacky.