Check your bill

When the bill comes after having a nice dinner, many people, including myself, just glaze at the total amount without looking at each items closely. As long as the total amount seems about right, we are happily putting down our credit card. This is very wrong. We should never trust the resturant and double check every bills we come across. Tonight I went to a nice seafood resturant with my parents, the waiter mistakely charged two more dessert and two coffee to my bill. The extra amount is less than $20, which is less than 10% of the total bill. I didn’t notice it at first, luckily my mom has a good habbit going through all items on the bill and spot the error. Bills written by hand can have addition error as well. which is even harder to spot. Sometimes, I wonder does the resturant randomly add different kinds of error into the bill to make some extra profit.