I should have write a real article on this topic, but really don’t have time these days. So I can only scribble my thoughs on my blog. My memory about the 64 event is quite blurred, except the news clips keep replaying every year. I was in F.1 that time, I can recall my teacher cried in class the next day trying to tell us a lesson we were too young to understand. Maybe next year, I will have time to give it more thinking and write a longer article about 64. I don’t want to merely repeat the two sides of arguments I have been hearing over the past 17 years. For now, I only have the common standard shared memory of all HKer had exprienced 64 in 1989. One good thing about history is that it always there, you can take as much time you need to think it over. The question is, will the Great Firewall put Youtube on the censored list?

TVB News Special on June 4 1989