Catholics in China

Today I met a Catholic friend coming from Beijing and learnt a few things about the Catholic Church in China. Recently, the ordination of chinese bishops light up the conflict between Vatican and the Communist Party. The cause is the fight for the control of the China Catholic Church. The power struggle doesn’t really affect normal layman catholics in the church. There are indeed underground church in china, even in Beijing. My friend said the priests enter China as tourists and offer masses outside the control China Catholic Church, which is just a dog of the Communist Party. He had attended mass inside the Canadian Embrassy, but the mass no open to local chinese without a foriegn password. Technically speaking, it’s not an underground church, since the Canadian Embrassy is on Canadian soil. He had invited us to have short term missionary in Beijing. This is a good chance to really understand the life of people in China. Plus, visiting the underground church should be quite exciting. I just have to remember enter China using the Canadian passport, so I will have embrassy protection if anything goes wrong. I have just added an item to my life goal to-do list.