Today is the convocation of my master degree. The convocation ceremony is as boring as the undergrad ones. This time, I got more stage time as a master student, unlike the undergrads has to pipeline through the stage. The Ph.D. studetns got most stage time, the dean put on hoods for them and they sit on the stage afterward. The honorable doctor even get a chance to make a boring speech. I guess the stage time is revalent to your importance to the university, which is fair. During the ceremony, I read the booklet to kill the boredom. There are much more science or applied sciense Ph.D. graduates. It is relatively easy to invent something new in your research than B.S. a thesis all the way through. However, the thesis of the Arts Ph.D. are more interesting, at least the topic is self-explantory, not in some encryped technical terms. I used to look down on arts degrees from undergrad all the way to grad school. On a second thought, an arts Ph.D. is harder to get than a science Ph.D., and it deserves more respect.