Every four years, soccer fans around the world is crazy for the worldcup games. I am not a hugh fans of soccer, not a sports fans in general. I can’t name the players except the most famous ones. My soccer knowledge is limited to the news covered in the newspaper or radio. Somehow the media streotype a typical male as a soccer fans. In this aspect, I have to say I am abnormal. I only watch the game to act like normal. I don’t repulse from watching the game, but I don’t have any urge to watch it either. I would watch the final game if it is part of a social event. Crazy for a sport team seems so irrational to me. I would not explain the mind of sports fans logically. Anyways, my bet is on Brazil to win this world cup. I didn’t study strength of the teams nor support any favourate team. My bet is based on the odds published by gamble companies. If the market is efficient, all the information should be have already reflected on the odds. I can’t understand why people are so addicted in watching sports, I can surely understand sports as money making bussiness. When I was talking with colleagues about worldcup this afternoon, I brough out my calculator to estimate the revenue from tickets alone, which is over $1 billion. In SFU there is even a course offered title the economy of sports. Sports is not merely games, it is based on economics, involves politics and even replaced religions to some extend. I wonder have anyone wrote something about the philosophy of sports yet?