TTF friends

Tonight I came out to have dinner with friends I met in TTF. I have been hanging out in TTF for almost 5 years, from cdrom to part of the moderator group. They have gathering in HK or China once a while, but I couldn’t attend due to the distance. I am the odd one out living far away. There is only one other guy living in Vancouver and we don’t have any event to come out. This week, an active member visiting Vancouver and we decide to come out for the first time. I have known them for many years, but never met each other. It is interesting to finally link a face and real name to an alias on the net. We talked alot in the dinner, topics ranages from gossip inside TTF to school. I think Pat is bored by our conversation tonight. I always joke that we are just a whole bunch of Victoria Park uncle have big talks on virtually any topics.