Two degrees

A friend from Waterloo visit Vancouver this weekend, and we went out for dinner tonight. I didn’t keep much in touch with this friend, and we were that close back in Waterloo, except we both live in Mississauga. Naturally I found it hard to associate with girl classmates, especially uninterested ones. Anyways, we talked alot during dinner. One of our common bonding is both of us are Catholics and we both went to World Youth Day last year, although didn’t run into other in Germany. I had long suspected one of my highschool friend who go to her church is her boyfriend and it’s now confirmed. I always think they are a good match with each other. I found in many occassions, two friends I know seperately somehow become a couple. I always find this unbelievable. Maybe everyone in the circles I interested only have two degrees of seperation from me. I found it interesting that I havn’t keep in touch with any of my Appleby friends, including this girl’s boyfriend, where my friend didn’t keep in touch with her university friends.