Hair wash

I had a haircut today. I wanted to booked an appoinment at the men only salmon in Main St, but I end up being too lazy and go to the salon in the closeby Crystal Mall instead. Before I walk into the salon, I knew I would regret for having my hair cut there. I am just too lazy to drive half an hour to have a haircut. The LCD screens in the salon are showing worldcup, Italy vs USA. However, I found reading the Next Magazine provided by the salon is more interesting. I don’t know it is because of the teams or I lack of interest in watching sports in general. Watching sport is a social event, what’s the point of watching the game while you can cheer or cruise with someone? I am glad that my stylist is a woman, so she didn’t distracted by the game. I would worry about the safety of my ears if I have a man giving me a haircut today. After cutting the hair, the stylist always ask me whether I want to put on gel. Since the gel is free, I see no reason to refuse, although I like go home to wash my hair right away after a haircut. You will wonder how good the stylist wash your hair when you see many hair pieces washed out by yourself. The reason for the salon to wash your hair is to keep their tools clean, not to keep your hair clean. Therefore, never trust the hair wash in any salon.