Dog in mass

Today Charlie went to mass for the first time. St. Mass is having a summer picnic this afternoon. There is an outdoor mass before lunch in the picnic area. Pat and me bring Charlie along to let him enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. Charlie is under the spot light most of time because I sticked a name tag on his forehead, so everyone knows his name. During the mass, Charlie is behaves well, he just sit quietly next to us. I bring him along to have the Eucharist, too bad the father didn’t give him a blessing. I don’t see any reason why dogs can not be baptized and recieve holy communion. Adapting the same arguments from the animal rights activitist, I think I can start a new new branch of animal theology. Jesus loves dogs, he even sacrifice his body and blood to be the saviour of dogs. Dog treats can be transformed into Jesus. Nowadays there are resturants, chauffeur, body shops for pets, why can’t we have churchs for pets? I can start a church that welcome pets, have blessed dogs treats for dog Eucharist. I think that will be a big business. I even come up with some slogans such as, “All dogs goes to heaven!”, “Believe in Jesus and your pets will be saved!”.