I can’t believe in the past 5 days, I didn’t driving at all. Last week, I attend the P.Eng seminar in downtown and it is more convinient took Skytrain. Over the weekend, I stay home studying most of the time. When went out with Pat, somehow she did all the driving because we have to bring Charlie along. On Monday and Tuesday, I went to the IWCMC conference in downtown again, so no need to drive. Today I tried to take taking Skytrain to go to class in SFU. It would take an hour from my home to school. If I havn’t missed the bus at the skytrain station, I will be there 10 minutes sooner. From this experiment, I figured that I could probably survive without a car in Vancouver. The only problem is that Skytrain is much slower than driving. It takes me almost doubt or tripple of time to go to work. It is unfeasible to waste an extra hour on the road everyday. I guess taking Skytrain once a while on special occation is accepable though. The city always try to convince people take more public transsit instead of driving. However, the public transport system in Vancouver is really inefficient. You can bear with it, but not a pleasent choice.