Auto insurance

It is time to renew my auto insurance. I have been procastinating the renewal until the last moment. This year I finally got the road star status qualified for 40% discount. I can also get cheaper insurance from private company instead of from ICBC. The ICBC is cheaper for new drivers, where the private section goes after the high margin old drivers market. The tipping point is once you have the road star status. I found the insurance system is discriminate against new drivers by charging them higher rate. It takes a new driver 10 years to aquire the road star status. Before that, he has to pay a higher insurance premium for his potentially higher risk, which I think is unfair. Many new drivers never have an accident and they drive as safe as old drivers. Insurance is an industry working with probability. Maybe the insurance regulation body should consider applying philosophy of probability as guideline to regulate insurance companies. It seems many people think the insurance market is highly unfair to the consumers. Insurance should be just a risk deriviative tool, should not treated as investment nor saving.