Worldcup in Italian Town

Italy won the world cup final. I was watching the game with Pat at Commerical Drive, the Italian Town in Vancouver. It is really crowded, we couldn’t find any seat in any pub. Luckily we are able to squeeze inside a small pizza resturant with a large TV. There was over a hundred people packed inside the small corner shop. It is not very comfortable, I have to half stand, half lean on a table for the whole game. But it has very good atomsphere, everyone supports Italy. The whole place got worried in the second half of the game when Italy under heavy attack by France. Then we all cheered when Zidane got kicked out with a red card. The penalty shotout is really tense, the whole place was quiet during the 5th goal then bursted into joy when it scored. People flocked to the center of the street to celebrate Italy winning the game. The Police blocked off traffic going into the street and turn it into a outdoor party. There were seas of Italian flags, people were singing and dancing in the intersection. It was a really good experience.

Here is some pictures I took today.