Source of theology

In my metaphysics class, the profressor talks about the nature of God and the source of theology. There are two sources of theology, experience and revealed. Theology from experience is easy to understand, namely the natural theology, ideas inheritated from St. Thomas Aquinas. However theology from revealed is different from what I assumed, it is solely based on authority, either the authority of the Bible or the Pope. Contrary to popular beliefs, revelations does not belong to reveal theology, revelation is actually a from of personal experience, so it belongs to natural theology. The problem is where the revealed theology comes from in the first place, some of them are rooted from natural theology, but more are just arbitary thoughts preserved by the authority for different reasons. I think to save christianity, we have to place natural theology above revealed theology. Reveal theology can only served as a mean to an end rather than the end itself. I was discussing orthodox and heresy of christian in anther forum. I proposed inventing a new school of theology that will rendering fundamentalist (and most of evangelist) heresy. I think using the distinction between natural and reveal theology is the right direction of this new theology.