Audio books

I found driving to and from work without audio books is really boring. I can listen to my old CDs, which are merely background noise. Or I can listen to new mp3 downloads, which mostly are just mediocratie songs. So I search the bittorrent sites and downloaded all the audio books I found interesting. There are over 10 of them. Now, I have another delimma, how can I listen to the audio books? My iPod shuffle is not very user friendly for mp3s in general, worse for audio books. I have to press too many buttons to start playing when I start the car. I want to get a real iPod but the current generation has been out on the market for almost half a year. The next generation should be just around the corner. I don’t want to spent several hundred dollars then see a price drop in a few weeks after my purchase. I have to wait for the next iPod release cycle. Then I can decide whether to buy the new generation at the same price or the old generation at a cheaper price. For the mean time, I will resort to an ancient method, burning audio CDs. Althought it is a bit wasteful burn the audio books to CDs, since mostly likely I will only listen them once. However, just think about how much I would have to pay for if I buy the audio books. The cost of blank CD is nothing. I can also lent the audio book CDs to my friends.