Last night when I heard Israeli striked Lebanon in the news, I thought it was just yet another endless conflict in middle east and promptly forget about it. Today when I came to work, I found out one of my team members is having his vacation in Beirut at the moment. This incident suddenly seems more personal and arose my interest. The manager have received a short email from him today. He told us he is safe, but he can’t come back to work since the airport is bombed by Israel. He said he is living in the safer part in the city and trying to get on a boat to Greece. The team wonder whether he can seek refugee in the Canadian Embassy in Lebanon. We have came up with creative ways to escape the war zone and have some really good laughts. I guess it sounds funny because the whole thing is just so surreal to us. I am sure my colleague won’t find it funny since his life is on the line. I am expecting to hear many exciting stories when my colleague make his way back home.