PMC Picnic

Today, PMC has the annual summer picnic in Confederation Park, games for the kids, free lunch and icecream. I met the family of many of my colleagues there. Those little kids are so cute and I pinched so many little faces today. I only stayed for an hour or so because I have to study for my exam. I found the picnic is quite enjoyable, relaxing and chat with friends while having over cooked burger. Plus no time is wasted since I spent the afternoon studying in the library right next to the park. Going to the pinic is way better than the alternative, go to Pat’s friend’s wedding. The company just gave me the perfect excuse to skip yet another boring wedding of someone I have no interest. Most of my friends in the Cantonese speaking lunch group are not interested in the pinic, except those children. On the other hand, most of my friends in the CBC group shown up today. Those who don’t come to the pinic think that it is a waste of time. I think not going to the annual company event with this excuse is just anti-social. How can enjoy a few hours under the sun with friends be a waste of time. Moreover, it is one of rare occasions you got to know the families of your colleagues.