It is the first time I heard about this website. I read it from the newspaper today. This site started last year and it is the fastest growing social connection site. It number of users has surpassed friendster and xanaga, only behind myspace. The most interesting story about this website is that it is started by two brother and sister still studying in highschool. I wonder how can two highschool students create a website support traffic of several million users. I read the press articles on the website trying to trace the flow of money. It turn out two highschooler indeed came up with the idea but they are merely the marketing face of the company. The company is actually run by their elder brother who is a dot-com millionare. The most scary thing about this website is that it is created by an army of cheap Indian programmers. This is the new dot-com era. Anyone with a brillant idea, some working capital can still create an internet megahit. They don’t even have to be tech-savy, the dirty work can outsource to Indian.