Ford Explorer

My car is sent to the body shop to repair the door lock today. I got a courtesy car from a car rental company. Since they run out of compact cars, they gave me a Ford Explorer. It is a hugh monster 4×4 jeep. I feel like driving a boat on the road. To my surprise, despite its size, its handling is quite good. It’s an American car, so I have the usual complains about dumb American interior design. The controls are not very user friendly and various components are arranged without any style. The mileage of this car is really bad, almost 50% worst than my Volvo. I can appriciate someone may need its capacity or offroad ability some time. I don’ t understand why someone would drive it as a commute vechicle. If they need to use such a big car once a while, just rent it when they need it would be more economical, needless to say it is more eco-friendly.